On The Road Again

I’m off tomorrow to visit friends in the Sacramento area. As well as to do research for my book proposal.

I’m going to visit a new building belonging to the California State Library (external link) and I’m excited to see it. It houses an enormity of things, from braille books to photographs to genealogical records. For my research, it contains 34 boxes of papers and paraphernalia belonging to the reporter I am writing about.

While I am excited about this project, I am still deeply concerned about the time I am putting in. I’ve written about this before. (internal link) Reprinting works in an anthology or reader requires permission and payments. But the group holding copyrights won’t tell me what they’ll charge unless I have a book contract. Which means I must pursue a book deal even though the title may prove too costly to produce. I could be putting in all this effort for something that never stood a chance. Sigh. Still, I’ve been happy in my research so far and that alone is a good thing.

I’ll have pictures later of the library and perhaps some from the road. My main diversion on the drive down will be seeing the Bristlecone Pine forest in the White Mountains (external link) above Bishop, Ca. I’m looking forward to it.


August 8, 2016 update. In the locked and climate controlled Rare Materials Reading Room of the California State Library.


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