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Look Now for the August, 2016 Issue of Rock&Gem Magazine

Rock&GemAugust2016It’s almost here. My third article this year for Rock&Gem magazine (external link) is in their August, 2016 issue.

I’ve written about this field trip article a little, (internal link) without giving away the name of the locality. Now it can be told.

I went to Garnet Hill, Nevada on my way to Sacramento, California. A long detour for what turned out to be very meager findings. But I learned many things during my trip and it was that information that formed the basis of the article. I think the advice I give will help other rockhounds who visit the Ely area.

I do not want to reveal too much about this 2,800 word article because Rock&Gem owns it. When it gets online you can download a copy of it on your mobile device. Or pick up the hardcopy on major newsstands. Barnes&Noble usually carries it.

Waiting for the magazine to arrive is the tough part. The publisher did a great job of laying out the text and pictures for my last two articles, so I am really eager to see what they came up with this time.

And like those two last articles (internal link), I will write a background report here on what it took to bring the current article about. I’ll have pictures which Rock&Gem decided not to use as well as some additional notes about my road trip.

Stay tuned.

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