Vary Your Writing By Deleting or Adding Commas

Vary your writing by deleting or adding commas and rearranging sentences:

On his way to find gold, Yosemite Sam found tungsten.

Yosemite Sam found tungsten on his way to find gold.

Since we couldn’t find our way back, we decided to take another path.

We decided to take another path since we couldn’t find our way back.

While I was eating, the cat scratched at the door.

The cat scratched at the door while I was eating.

Because her alarm clock was broken, she was late for class.

She was late for class because her alarm clock was broken.

If you are ill, you ought to see a doctor.

You ought to see a doctor if you are ill.

When the snow stops falling, we’ll shovel the driveway.

We’ll shovel the driveway when the snow stops falling.




About thomasfarley01

Freelance writer specializing in outdoor subjects, particularly rocks, gems and minerals.
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