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Plan a Beginning, Middle, and End

Rudolph Flesch suggested we plan a beginning, middle, and end. Sound advice. The lead sentence should lead the reader in. The beginning paragraph should introduce the subject or subjects. Succeeding paragraphs should illuminate those subjects. An ending should wrap up … Continue reading

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Market Your Blogging Skills

Have you set up your writing portfolio site? (internal link) And are you blogging on it? If so, you should be able to sell your blogging skills to other web site owners. I’m currently blogging for three companies, but through … Continue reading

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News and Notes

Magazine article to be published I can’t release the details yet, but another of my articles is tentatively scheduled for an August issue. Two More Interesting Freelance Opportunities 1.) This branding company is looking for experienced writers and they won’t waste … Continue reading

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Job Applications and Freelancers

Does anyone have advice on how a freelancer should handle a conventional job application form? I recently filled out an online application and it was a frustrating experience. The application asked to list my last employer first. But I currently have … Continue reading

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Unique Content and Unique Value

When I’m writing newspaper or magazine articles I don’t worry about SEO ideas like unique content and unique value. My research and writing is original and I have no worry that I will be ranked lower due to repetitive content. But because … Continue reading

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Add Your URL to Google

Did you just write a scintillating post that you can’t wait to share? Submit its URL to Google. This should get it indexed faster than waiting for Google to next crawl the web. Instead of hoping that Google eventually stumbles … Continue reading

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Long form article being posted today

Rock&Gem magazine was unable to use an article I recently submitted to them. I am therefore going to post it as a sample of my current writing. The article is called “Track Stars: The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site Fossils.” … Continue reading

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Images Might Influence Your Writing

  Most magazines require a writer to provide images. That means taking photographs. Depending on how they turn out, you might have to change your writing. Lets say you wanted to write about rhododendrons, azaleas, and camellias. Problem is, when you got … Continue reading

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