Lemons Into Lemonade

Last month I went out of town to research a field trip article for Rock&Gem magazine that I am writing on speculation. (internal link) My visit was to a BLM mineral collecting site some hours north of Las Vegas. Here’s the problem: I didn’t find much of what I was looking for, in fact, I found so little that I needed a macro lens on my camera to photograph my largest find. Picture something smaller than your smallest fingernail.

Although I was essentially skunked, I still didn’t want to scratch the experience I had going to the site. I learned some things I think would help people who would have more time to look and better weather conditions to collect under. Here’s the problem: how do I write a compelling article when I really didn’t find anything? Or would a realistic field trip article be refreshing, with local color substituting somewhat for the lack of a find? Stay tuned. It may be days or another week before I can think through how to turn my lemons into lemonade.

June 12, 2016 Update: I submitted the article. Don’t tell anyone but it has been tentatively accepted for their August issue.


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