Thoughts on Dropbox

Do you use Dropbox? (external link) It’s a file storage service that lets you share your digital life. I use it principally to access a file I may be working on from different computers. By keeping a single file at Dropbox, and working on it from either my laptop or desktop, I don’t have to worry if a document is the latest version. With the file stored at Dropbox, I know that I am always working on the current iteration. And I don’t have to network the two computers on my own. Which is nice.

I’ve lately seen some glitches. Sharing entire folders is not quite straightforward. And sometimes Dropbox doesn’t recognize the latest saved version of a file for a moment or two. Make sure you’re not working on an older file when you open it up. Most importantly, close the document you are working on each time you leave or shutdown your computer. If you leave a file open on one computer, Dropbox may create a “conflicted file” when you open the file with your other machine. Again, close that file.

Another nice things is that Dropbox doesn’t paw through your content, looking to place ads. Your content is not scanned, which makes it, to me, preferable to Google’s storage option.



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