Finally, a Legitimate Freelancer Job Site

I’ve just started using it, but (external link) appears to be a legitimate freelancer job site. Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today all say nice things about it. My initial impression is very favorable. is not a traditional, stand by itself job board. Instead, it curates postings from various job sites and company web sites, screening them for legitimacy before posting them to its site.

There are a tremendous amount of job categories at the site, ranging from account management to youth and children jobs. Many customer support positions. The emphasis is on jobs that offer flexible work arrangements, like working from home. will save me a great deal of time looking for and vetting possible employers. The cost is reasonable, too. I paid $36 for a year’s membership, which is only $3.00 a month. Another good thing is that does not take any money from you for any job you land. You deal directly with the employer. I’ll continue to look at Craigslist, but now there is no reason to deal with places like elance or link)

Any downside? Their search engine seems to favor companies they are paid to promote but I can work past that. And there’s another thing worth mentioning.

These are the better jobs. This means they will pay better but the competition will be stiffer. Qualifications will be tougher and you might be in a larger application pool than a lead from a smaller, regional job board. Still, Flexjobs remains the most legitimate source of work that I’ve seen so far.



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It sounds interesting but I really resent job boards that require a paid subscription from the job seekers. I also tend to find that with job boards the employers set their rates and that’s that, whether it suits your rates that’s for you to deal with. It’s too much like traditional job hunting and employment rather than freelancing and setting my own rules. Do keep us informed of how it’s going though, I’m always interested to see others’ experiences with new platforms.

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