A New Tool: A Drawing Tablet

Yesterday I bought a drawing tablet for the first time. I’m using it to convert a hand drawn map to digital. Scanning the original won’t do since the image is so rough. It needs to be cleaned up and have all the lines the same thickness. See the first image below. That’s the original and that’s what I have to improve.

The idea is that I will put the map on the tablet and trace the lines with the digital pen. It’s working out so far, I have a good looking set of lines but the proportions aren’t right. When I go to trace a three inch line it only produces a two inch line. The line’s shape is correct but the scale is wrong. Additionally, it is very difficult to correctly to align the stylus on the tablet with the image on the monitor. What they call mapping. As with everything electronic, there’s a learning curve to overcome.















Here’s a look at my first attempt at transferring the image. Better than using a pen, but still not right.














My first scrawl on the new machine. I am far away from being an artist.











The little Wacom drawing tablet at work by someone much more attractive than myself.


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Good timing, Tom. My son just got one. He’s doing some pretty good work with it already.

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