I’ve Reacquired privateline.com

Thanks to the generosity of Ken Schmidt of SteelInTheAir.com,(external link), I have taken back the domain privateline.com.

privateline.com was originally designed in 1995 as a complement to my hardcopy magazine about the telephone system private line. Over time the site grew to be a telecommunications writing hub, at one point spanning 400+ pages and in 2002 getting two million hits.

Those days are long past and I won’t bore you now with stories of text browsers, e-mail responders, or going to Def Con when it was new. Just know that I intend to bring the domain into the modern era, as a WordPress site that can be easily maintained. I’ll put the history content back up first, as I clear the dead links that have accumulated over years of privateline.com being an archive.

Always something more to do.



About thomasfarley01

Freelance writer specializing in outdoor subjects, particularly rocks, gems and minerals.
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2 Responses to I’ve Reacquired privateline.com

  1. Mark van der Hoek says:

    Hey, sounds good, Tom! I guess Ken is busy with his own site. Maybe we’ll do some more together.

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