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My Rock&Gem Article Has Been Published

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

A Christmas gift for me has been to see my turquoise field trip article published in the January issue of the well-respected Rock&Gem magazine. (external link). The issue is viewable now as digital content for $4.99. Use Rock&Gem’s app available at iTunes (external link), or simply wait for the magazine to show up on newsstands across the country.

After Christmas week I’ll share in this space what it took to bring the article from idea to published piece. For now, have a wonderful Holiday season and I’ll see you again soon.

Update: Link to background on the article (internal link)

Update: Good news. My second article for Rock&Gem will be published in May. Look for it at any Barnes&Noble bookstore. For a little more information on that article, click here. (internal link)


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