What I Won’t Be Writing On

Just when I thought Freelancer.com (internal link) couldn’t get more depressing, in comes this job offer. Write about bedbugs. 1,000 word articles. Fifty of them. For a penny a word. 18 people are already bidding on this work which would require original research and writing. Note how they pay less as you write more. And that bedbug experience is preferred.

Looking for a native born English speaker who’s a great writer. Your job will be to write 50 or so articles regarding bed bug topics. These will be a mix of pest control related articles for the top 25 biggest cities in the world and 10 or so countries. . . .The articles will likely be around 1000 to 1500 words each . . .

Per article, we will pay $10 for the 1000 word articles or $17 for 2000 word articles, BUT we will commit to 50 or so of these articles and the very real possibility of a lot more work about this topic if you prove yourself able to do a great job.

Big bonuses if you’ve had a bed bug encounter!


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Freelance writer specializing in outdoor subjects, particularly rocks, gems and minerals.
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  1. Mark van der Hoek says:

    Sounds like a great job for someone who is desperate to write and has nothing to say.

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