Wirecast, Pre-recorded Video, YouTube, and Google

NB: I hate to mention a process without explaining how it works, however, putting together a live stream event is too elaborate for me to describe in a single web page. Sorry.

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Video ranks higher in search results than a static text page with the same information. I’ve written about this before. (internal link). Video that’s been live streamed ranks higher than other videos. What’s less known is that you can have pre-recorded content, videos you already have, set up as a live stream event and ranked as such.

One way to produce such a live stream event is to use Wirecast in concert with YouTube’s Creator Studio. It’s a lengthy, multiple step process, beyond the scope of this web page, but it works. Let me know if your company needs this service and I’ll get you in touch with my employer. Perhaps we can get your content ranked higher. (e-mail link to


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