Tools of the trade: Microsoft 365 and Photoshop Elements 13

I’ve used Office 365 (external link) for about two years and I’ve been pleased with it. I like the idea of always having the latest version of a program, even though many people think the annual subscription is too expensive. My “Home” subscription to Microsoft Office costs $100 annually or $9.95 a month. I can install the Office suite on five machines.

When Office 2016 for the Mac came out a few months ago I hesitated to install it, even though I was entitled to a free upgrade because of my subscription. But I’ve now downloaded the new Office and I am glad I did. The 2015 version of Word is prettier and considerably faster than the 2011 program, which truly surprised me since Microsoft generally produces bloatware, programs that slow down as they bulk up. Still, so far so good.

I’m less enthralled with my recent purchase of Photoshop Elements 13 (external link). Although I consider this the easiest, most economical way to produce web and document images, I have found little difference from Elements 12. This time I downloaded the program from Amazon instead of from Adobe. (Not sure, though, on how I will download another copy when I need to reinstall.) I’ve had more problems registering with Adobe than any other company and it was time I moved on to a different provider.


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