SEO and Disclaimers As Image Files

Google’s search engine likes fresh content but dislikes repetition. A website should have regularly updated pages or a blog that’s frequently contributed to, to rank higher in search. But what if you have pages that require disclaimers, similar text that will occur over and over throughout your pages or blog?

One solution is to have a single disclaimer page and hope that everyone on your site reads it before they try practicing surgery on themselves. The other solution is to put up the repetitive text as an image file, like what you see below.

There! Google will not read an image and therefore not penalize you for using the same content on many pages. It’s a somewhat clumsy solution in that an image file will not adjust to screen sizes as easily as text on a web page. (The text will be tiny on tiny screens.) This disclaimer approach, however, will inform your readers without pulling your ranking down.


By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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