What if your website doesn’t get many hits?

Don’t worry. Mine doesn’t get many either. But you don’t have a choice. A website is essential for a writer, just like a business card. You need a presence on the web, a storefront that is open around the clock, at any time to any employer around the globe. You need a website just in case someone is looking, somewhere, for a good writer. And a website makes that possible.

How else are you going to show off your work? Where else can you demonstrate your current writing? Not with a résumé. In fact, I no longer produce a résumé, instead, when asked, I simply point people to my website. If they like what they see and read, great. If not, well, at least I had a chance to show what I could do on a large scale, rather than being trapped within a single sheet of paper.

It’s true that you can point to your writing with links embedded inside a Word document. It’s also true that links go bad and need tending to. And it’s  even truer that a blog can’t be part of a résumé. I have over 90 blog entries at this site. How can I work that writing into a résumé or into a standard job application?

Still worried about hits? Look at my page views for the two weeks or so. A high of 17 one day, a total of zero on two or three others. Don’t worry, you can always work on getting that hit count higher. For now, get building that website.

May 12, 2016: Update. I’ve put together a resume (internal link). Too many companies asked for one so I gave in. It can’t hurt.


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