Two directions for the internet. And freelancers.

Where are we going with the internet? Google says that it will rank sites higher which have mobile compatibility. Yet all things video continue to lead the internet. Low bandwidth versus higher bandwidth. For freelancers we will have to get used to both. We’ll have to write shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs, and we’ll have to start learning about video. Among other things.

Today I have retired my six year old iMac. It had 4 Gigs of RAM. My new machine has 16 Gigs, enough to do some pretty heavy duty video processing. But why am I doing this? Millennials call us authors “creatives.” That means we can’t just be about writing. Today, we have to be familiar with editing text, images, audio, and moving pictures. It’s called creating content. And it’s what every website owner expects of us. Soldier on.

2015-05-05 12.39.43

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