New tools for new writing

As an older writer I’m used to old things. A copy of the The Chicago Manual of Style, Strunk’s Element’s of Style, and a good thesaurus. Things change. Now, writing for the web, I have to add new tools for new writing.

Internet writing demands acquaintance with so called keywords, familiarity with Google Analytics, and a passing knowledge of SEO, search engine optimization. The key to remember is this: your writing matters little if someone can’t find it. And nobody can find it unless your writing ranks high in search results.

I’m now writing exclusively for the web. The content I generate, and I despise that wording, is linked inexorably to the algorithms that search engines employ. I can be more valuable to my employers, my clients, if I know more about search. Can anyone recommend a good primer? Right now I am learning as I go, and it is indeed a new world filled with new tools.


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