Content creation jobs from Craigslist and otherwise

I am always looking for part-time writing gigs that I can do from anywhere. What’s called working remotely. This is a short list of companies that have treated me fairly.

Ajax Union

This Bronx based company paid me for a writing test. They asked me to make changes to my submitted article, I did so, and I have not heard from them again. Sigh.

Demand Media Studios

A content creation company. They’ve just accepted me as a technology writer after I passed an unpaid writing test. They need short articles on a variety of topics. They give you a byline for every article you write as well as a modest amount of money. Nice.

December 13, 2015 update. I’m not sure Demand Media is still operating.


In a weak moment I applied here. Though accepted, I thought it over, and then turned them down. $1.00 for every hundred words.


This one is unusual, but they may have work for a freelancer. Stripe is a San Francisco company that processes internet credit card payments. I applied for a customer service job because it was work I could do remotely. I filled out their application and their recruiter called me up. They decided not to bring me in for an interview, but I thought they had been fair by at least talking to me.


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  1. indigoprairiewrites says:

    Huh. Thanks for an interesting little snapshot of Craigslist & other jobs. I have heard time & again those sites are big no-nos when it comes to snagging paid work. Good for you for refusing $1/100 words – that isn’t even slave wages! Were you happy with the pay of the other companies you listed? I am asking because I am new in the game and my eye keeps wandering to CL and other such sites LOL. Thanks again!

    • I think these content creation companies provide a good way to make a little extra income as you pursue a regular writing job that pays what you really want. A second income stream is always a good thing. Best of luck with your writing search. Tom

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