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On rare occasion I get invited to bid on a job at one of the freelance sites (internal link). I hesitate to put much time in responding because one rarely gets work through these venues, never-the-less, an invitation means that the employer is already interested. So, why not? The following was a proposal I sent in for a blog on Amish furniture. I think I brought up the right amount of questions and concerns and I also think I made some good suggestions. I never heard back from these people so, once again, I am unable to tell you why the proposal was rejected. What would you have added or taken away?

Thanks for the invitation to bid on your work.

Generating compelling text shouldn’t be a problem, as the Amish and their furniture could produce a long line of stories. What are you looking for in a typical post? Two hundred and fifty to three hundred words? That might be a nice, bite-sized length for small features on everything from dove-tail joints, Amish furniture history, furniture styles, the different woods used, and so on. As you mentioned in your invite, a questionnaire about your company would also generate stories, as perhaps some profiles of your best customers. What do they collect and why? Everyone likes to be interviewed. Profiles of individual workers or communities would provide human interest stories if such contact were allowed. Which brings me to my real question: what can be provided to the blog?

You mention videos, photographs, and animations. I’ve worked in all three. But based in California such as I am, how would I have access to take such photographs and videos? Or to interview individual craftsman, such as would be permitted? They don’t use the telephone, do they? Or are some of your makers Mennonites? I understand they may make a more liberal use of technology. If our contract was for a long time, say a year or so, it is possible I could come out to Iowa City, or wherever you are based, to take a great deal of photographs and shoot a quantity of video, all to be banked for further use.

One more thing. Cost. I assume you are talking about $500 to $1000 a month, correct? Or are you suggesting a fixed price contract? Let me know and let’s consider this current message to you as an opening to a larger discussion. Best regards and again thanks for the invitation. Thomas Farley


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