Lies, damned lies, and statistics

As a non-professional web designer I find the statistics compiled by different services to be so confusing and contradictory that their reports are rendered useless. Do you have the same experience?

This blog site is administered by As such, it comes with a built in statistic tracker. Over the last three days it has reported that 15 individuals have visited the site. By contrast, Google Analytics, an external web site tracker, says that there has been no activity during that time. None. In two other zero days, that according to Google, WordPress states that 11 people hit the site. There’s more.

Of the 52 sessions that Google Analytics has recorded, 96.15% of my visitors have come from Russia. Really? WordPress, on the other hand, notes only three visitors from Russia over 1232 recorded views. WP does note a freakish occurrence with Brazil: 219 views from that country. Both Russian and Brazilian activity might denote automated hack attacks, robots trying to take over the website to generate spam. Still, Google, during the entirety of their recording, does not log a single Brazilian viewer.

I don’t doubt the technical prowess of either Google or WordPress. I have to assume that both can identify activity and a country of origin with little effort. But with such contradictory information I am unable to use the data they provide. Again, let me know if you have had the same experience or can provide a reason for such disharmony.

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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