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I’m back from a few days in the Redwood country of Humboldt county in California. The highlight was Fern Canyon, once used as a shooting location for the second Jurassic Park movie. Quite incredible scenery. I return to a broken website which I must somehow fix.

Before I left my new motorcycle website was having numerous problem loading images. Two hours of tech support help failed to achieve a solution. I may now have to have the site restored, by using a backup copy made by hosting company. But I want to make sure I have a copy of my site on my own computer before they restore what is now an older version of the site. I know this sounds confusing.

Websites like the one you are viewing are commonly created on a browser. Right now I am typing in a text window at I got to the site using Safari as my internet browser. I did not first create this post in a word processing program, although many people do that. To make my own copy of the site I will copy each post and page and then paste them into individual documents in Word. I have never had to do this before.

Since the motorcycle site is so small this whole process should take less than an hour. I will loose the formatting of each page but I am not concerned about this. I can recreate the simple look of the site without a problem. The real problem is loosing my writing. Perhaps along the way I will figure out a better, easier way to create a back-up copy of my site on my computer. I will report back.

Update: Problems solved. WordPress sites often use various Widgets, which are short pieces of code used to enable different features. I was using an incompatible widget. Removed, my images load as they should. I did look into a backup website tool. It’s only $18 and allows you to update your site to your computer once a day. I am still thinking about it. Here’s the new site if you want to see it: (site discontinued).

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2014-08-16 21.49.53 copy
Fern Canyon. Humboldt County California

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