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I recently queried a few motorcycle organizations, asking if they needed a column or blog writer. Unfortunately, there has been no response. I am sad about this because I think I could write very well on the topic of beginning motorcyclists; there is little in print on this and as a new rider I feel I have the right outlook and experiences to relate to the subject. Oh, well. Perhaps something will happen with this later.

For the next several weeks I will be building a new for-pay website. It’s sort of like starting a small business. I’ve written about before (site discontinued). It will be an online library and store of words and sounds about railroading. I’ve entered most of the text that will be on-line; I now am concentrating on the audio. I am learning a great deal about building a modern website. I think what I’ve learned about video and building an app in the last few months will be helpful.

September 30, 2015 Update. There was never any demand for the site and I folded it. Perhaps with better marketing the site could have done better. Perhaps.

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