Installing a Genesis framework from StudioPress using a Mac

I’m in the throes of producing a website called discontinued) It’s a WordPress website using as the host. On this website,, I am using itself to host. That’s for simplicity’s sake. But for I need more storage space than WP economically offers. And there are other reasons as well, the chief one being more flexibility in choosing a template. Which brings me ’round to today’s techno jabber.

I had trouble downloading and uploading a StudioPress web page template called a Genesis Framework. It’s a suite of pages and so called style sheets that you use to develop your website. All their download directions were centered around a .zip file which I never saw. .zip files are generally a PC/Windows thing, not something we see regularly in the Mac world. In any case, in my download folder, a nest of three files appeared. Not one was a .zip. Turned out I had to use a FTP (file transfer protocol) program to upload the folders to my host. I used Fetch, a pay program, because I have used it before, although note my update below. After I figured out all the passwords for my host, the first miracle, I discovered FTP directions at WordPress. They are not wholly accurate. What they call for is this directory path:


What you really are looking for is this:


When you upload your genesis theme in a folder the directory should now look like this:


If none of this makes sense then feel free to e-mail me . Better yet, use Their tech support people are alert and friendly. V. quick responses. If you are setting up a complicated website for the first time I would recommend them highly. If you need a simple site like what you are viewing now, stay with

Update: You can turn a folder into a .zip file using a Mac. Here’s a link on how to do it (external link). The result will be a single file which you can upload using Justhost’s built in FTP client. This process may work but I haven’t tried it. It could save you some time and trouble.


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Thank you for this. I had the same issue. Very disappointing that the developer at Cobalt Apps couldn’t put Mac directions in his videos – concerning how to upload Dynamik and the Skins. MANY developers are Mac users.

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