Apps controlling the mobile internet; Another project? Creating an app

Wither the web? This article from discusses the future of the web. The accompanying graphics, one in particular supplied by Flurry Analytics, show that apps are garnering most of the time spent on the internet, compared to people seeking content through websites.

An app is a better bookmark, it directs you to a particular place on the web, and then delivers information tailored specifically to your mobile device. TMZ viewed on an iPad will look differently, sometimes radically so, than on a desktop computer. Margins, photos, and text are aligned correctly and for a small screen. If the article is true, far more people now rely on apps to access the net rather than using a browser like Safari. With this in mind I am going to investigate building an app. I have a good idea but will I be able to construct something useful and professional looking? Apple’s App Store is getting more and more restrictive with the apps they allow. And will I be able to afford it? Apple takes 30% of what is charged. Will I be able to price my product reasonably while still being able to recover my development costs? I’ll share what I learn as I go.

Flurry Analytic’s chart on the rise of apps

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