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Back to magazine query letters

I’m going to take the time I spent using the freelance work websites and put that back into writing query letters to traditional print magazines. A query letter a day seems manageable; we shall see if I can do it. … Continue reading

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Giving up on the freelance sites

I’m giving up on the three freelance sites I was using:,, and None of them provide enough feedback to warrant any more bids. You bid, you wait, and you wait some more. The deadline for submitting passes but … Continue reading

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Not a shortage of workers, but a shortage of workers for the wage involved

Many maintain that the United States suffers from a shortage of skilled technology workers and that we need overseas help. The National Review and The Atlantic, however, report just the opposite. My take is that there are plenty of American workers … Continue reading

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Learning to build an App

I am not getting any new freelance work, either on-line or off. Sigh. I continue to query but at the same time I am working on learning new skills which may make me more valuable. Video is exciting and I’ve taught myself enough to make … Continue reading

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Google Authorship in WordPress

Have you ever noticed the people with pictures in Google search results? Wondered how to do that? You first need a Google account but that isn’t hard to do. You can then go to to learn about this program by clicking … Continue reading

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Apps controlling the mobile internet; Another project? Creating an app

Wither the web? This article from discusses the future of the web. The accompanying graphics, one in particular supplied by Flurry Analytics, show that apps are garnering most of the time spent on the internet, compared to people seeking content … Continue reading

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