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I bid on a writing assignment at (external link) and I got it. When the full details of the job were revealed, however, it was clear that I didn’t have the expertise to complete the work. By mutual agreement the employer and myself are going separate ways. There are details left with itself, our deal needs to be untangled, but all communications with my potential employer were cordial and professional.

Freelancer’s job descriptions tend to be too brief to accurately bid; I may put more time at (external link), which seems more detailed and more American-centric. I may also look at (external link), another source of freelance work. Each site requires building a profile page, which is tiresome, but each site presents another door, another path to possible assignments. Limiting myself to print magazines and newspapers is just that, limiting. I need to continue to explore the world of on-line work.

Note: charges an arrangement fee regardless if you complete a job or cancel it. Don’t accept work if you’re not sure you can finish it. Get as many details on the job as you can. Don’t bid if you don’t know!


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How did you get a job?
I am a graphics designer, but have never been able to land a job.
I just dont get it.
Im scoreing in the 90’s like your self. But no matter how many times I bid, I get nothing.

Thanks for the comment and good luck in your future bidding. The job I got was in telecom and I have written extensively on that industry. It wasn’t too surprising to me that I got the work. How are you notified that a job has been awarded? I have bid on six or seven other jobs but as far as I can tell, none has been filled. Do you get an e-mail saying the work has been assigned?

Interesting. I haven’t received any e-mail from that a job has been awarded. I did, however, get an e-mail when I did get a job. As far as, no e-mails there, either, although I discovered on my own that a job was assigned. Hmm. This is indeed a learning curve. About the only thing I can control is my on-line presence (my website) and my writing. If I come up with new ideas I will post them to my blog. And I have just gone to your site and clicked “Follow’. If you develop any promising leads I will be able to read about them. Good luck.

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