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My article for Sierra Heritage has just been published. It is in the April, 2014 edition which will be on newsstands soon. Click here to visit the Sierra Heritage Magazine website. They’ve been publishing for 33 years, with some of the finest writing and photography in the West.

My article is about the beginnings of Highway 50, with an emphasis on the portion that crosses the Sierra Nevada mountain range. I will post a link to the article if and when it goes on-line. This article was enjoyable to write. Besides writing the text, I secured Permission to Use Forms and copyright releases for several of the photographs. And I took five of the photographs myself. There’s just one thing. My friend David Willmott took the picture of Horsetail Falls on page 48. As it sometimes happens, in the rush to put an entire magazine together, he was not credited for the image. Aside from that, the issue is quite fine; an entire edition devoted to Sierra Nevada history. Look for it at a newsstand near you!


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