Trying out

I’ve signed up for Freelancer tries to bring people seeking work with those looking for same. Graphic designers, software developers, IT people, and yes, of course, writers, all seem to come to the site. My first impression is that many illiterate people are looking for those who will write for very little money. But that makes sense, doesn’t it? If you wrote poorly, or if English were a second language, you might well hire out your writing. And everyone does look for a low cost. Does it work? Well, it is a market, a place to sell, and there is no cost to sign up for basic service. Might as well try.

Update: I scored only 90% on’s English test! What? There was no indication that I missed any question, although the on-line quiz seemed to stall out at the end. It repeated questions that I had already answered. Hmm. Perhaps I was timed and failed to respond quickly enough. Perhaps I differ with them on the placement of the semicolon. Regardless, I am chagrined.


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