Links to major articles

1) “The Cell Phone Revolution.” Cover story for American Heritage’s Invention and Technology. An American focused story on the history of cell phones. It’s highly compressed to make it quicker to download. Still around 4 megs:

2) “Mobile Telephone History.” Telektronikk. (Journal of Norway’s telephone system.) A comprehensive, world-wide treatment of mobile telephone history.

3) “Gold: From Panning to High-Tech Mining.” Another article for American Heritage’s Invention and Technology. This is a huge file (18 megs!)  but beautifully illustrated.

4.) Sierra Heritage article on the beginnings of U.S. Highway 50. The publication has posted only part of the article. (external link)

5.) Rock&Gem Magazine (external link) published in January 2016 my 2,800 word article, “A Nevada Turquoise Adventure.” The article is not publicly available, but see this page (internal link) for more information.

6.) Rock&Gem published my “Goldfield Gems” article in their May, 2016 issue. (internal link)

7.) Another article, this time on Garnet Hill, appeared in August. (internal link)

8.) Article on mariposite to be published soon in 2017.


I’ve recently been writing articles for the West Sacramento News-Ledger (external link). I’ve put the articles up at this site, along with additional photographs. All links are internal.

The Outdoors Next Door: Exploring the Yolo Bypass 

The Port of West Sacramento is on a Path to Profitability 

West Sacramento’s CERT: Educate, Prepare and Assist

The TBD Fest: West Sacramento Hosts the Area’s Largest Music Festival

West Sacramento Reacts to TBD 

The West Sacramento Historical Society: Looking Forward and Back 

The Yolo Education Center: Helping Students Achieve Success

Artwork for Joey Lopes Park

A Historic Firehouse Reborn

West Sacramento Waterfront Stories

Chando’s Tacos Expands to West Sacramento

These are older articles I wrote for the Ledger:

The California Highway Patrol Academy

The Sail Inn



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