Clear paths for submitting article proposals

August 10th, 2019. This list is now long out of date. Fully 30% of links die each year on the net, making any link article impossible to maintain.

These publications offer a clear path for submitting article proposals.

Discover Magazine:

Esquire Magazine. Unusual. Accepts complete manuscripts. Link now dead.


High Country News:

Los Angeles Times Magazine:,0,760705.story#axzz2slBY9koC

Pacific Horticulture Magazine:

Popular Mechanics:

Popular Science:

Sacramento News and Review:

Sactown Magazine:

Scientific American:

Smithsonian Magazine:

Spirit Magazine:

Sunset Magazine:

Via Magazine:




Waiting is always a part of the trade

As of today I have the following out:

One completed article sent, awaiting publishing, revision or rejection;

Three query letters sent, on three different subjects;

One e-mail sent, asking for a referral.

The difficult part, aside from the waiting, is judging how long to give a recipient time to reply. In the meantime, while mulling that question over, I will continue to work on ideas for new stories.