Query letter mania

I’m working on several different query letters right now, each taking much longer to write than I want. But even though they are coming together slowly, I am going to keep at it. Having several letters out at one time gives me a better chance of getting an acceptance. Mind you, I am not discussing multiple submissions. That’s completely unacceptable. What I am talking about are different letters on different subjects.

In this internet age I think that a few well-crafted paragraphs are not good enough anymore.  You now need less, not more. You need one good paragraph to start your writing. Better make that one great paragraph. If you don’t catch a person’s attention with your first few lines, well, they’re probably not going to march down the page with you. They’ll let you know if they want more.

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Freelance writer specializing in outdoor subjects, particularly rocks, gems and minerals.
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