The Baxter Mine, Inyo County

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The Baxter Mine, Inyo County

My eyes are good enough to cut and paste links if I wear my sunglasses at the screen and not look at it for more than a few seconds:

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A road within yet outside of a WA.

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It was a beautiful morning.

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Excellent tour of the the Baxter Mine on YouTube. Comes complete with requisite twangy banjo music. (Someone should turn them on to Papa Lee at Desert Hearts):

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No Progress in Physics in Forty Years

Rockhounding site:

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Vision Update

October 19, 2020

Displays and TV continue to put intense pressure on my eyes. I was seen this morning by an ophthalmologist who says I have an infection in my right eye. He’s prescribed antibiotics and a follow one appointment for two weeks from now.

Until the infection no more, he cannot do a comprehensive examination. With luck he will be able to do that exam in two weeks to tell if the infection was or is the problem, or perhaps an old eyeglass prescription causing strain or perhaps, indeed, too much computer time.

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Sunshine Gallery and Gifts Reopens!


Sunshine Gallery and Gifts Reopens!

October 15, 2020

Rolf and Mary’s store is half-way between Tucson and Tombstone. You won’t find a more authoritative mineral dealer anywhere than Rolf Luetcke. Check Mindat. You’ll see. And ask him about catching rattlesnakes. Full article here:

Hello, Tom

Made this sign today to hang on our gate so people can call to come visit the shop.

I’m asking for people to put on masks since Mary and I are both high-risk.

We shall see how things go. I will hang this sign tomorrow on the front and closed gate.   If anyone drives to the gate with a mobile phone, I can go and open in only about half a minute. Not a problem.

We will see how this works.

Just thought I let you know we are trying to get back to some semblance of normal. Rolf Luetcke

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So Long For Now


Hello to all my readers. I am having a great deal of difficulty using any computer display or monitor I’m dictating this text right now this will be the last post I write until I can get my eyes fixed I cannot look at the screen without being very uncomfortable I’m looking away from the monitor right now I am still going out into the field and you can follow me on Instagram at TG Farley at Instagram but I will not have any descriptions or write any hashtags in those posts instead you’re going to hear audio it’s easy for me to record a video and then press send that’s all I’m capable of doing right now I wish you all luck and I hope you keep exploring and prospecting and finding things Wherever You Are

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No Longer Seeking Additional Work

I’ve taken on two new projects, neither of which came from or any other job board. One assignment was solicited, the other not. More later.

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What’s Going On?

My rockhounding site is here: (external link)

What’s Going On?

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With luck I will be able to hike tomorrow. If so, I will try to get out to another unnamed prospect between Pahrump and Shoshone. I will be looking for Magnesite – MgCO3. I've had this reference sample for some time but never thought to hunt it. Wouldn't know what it looks like in the field. says the material is sometimes cabbed and sometimes dyed different colors. The problem in locating this prospect is that it lies in that township with the corrected monument. It could be that other older mines were not located properly which means I might not find anything after a one mile hike from the highway. Still, only a mile. My PT sessions are not going well. After only three visits the clinic is talking about referring me back to my doctor. The sciatica throughout my entire left side has now moved to my right side as well. And into my right hand and arm. I can now lift only ten pounds at a time with safety. Hiking remains possible but with only light weight. I'm still going to the PLP's Oktoberfest next week but I won't be camping. I can't lift and setup my tent or other gear by myself. I'll be staying in Ridgecrest each night, driving 30 or forty minutes each way to the claim. This is what R.C. says about this teaching example of magnesite: Magnesite, magnesium carbonate, can be earthy or crystalline. This earthy magnesite was formed through hydrothermal alteration of Miocene (?) lake beds, though it can also form in irregular veins and masses through the alteration of serpentine by water containing carbonic acid. Some of these specimens show faint bedding.

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What is A Review Summary on

First things first. Do not apply to any company at that hides their website or company information. See the graphic below. If the “Company Info ” field is blank, run away. That’s a sure sign of scammers and con artists and the lowest paying employers. Any good company will proudly describe itself.

If you try to find this missing company info on your own, you may find that no website exists and that the company posting may be operating for unknown and possibly scurrilous reasons. Some are linked to money launderers or thieves who may put you on their payroll temporarily just to get your banking information. Do not give them personal information like your resume. Don’t. And don’t expect to root out scammers. They don’t. They get paid by the employer, including bad employers and crooks.


Do Employers Look at Indeed Applications? is a total fail. Since I am qualified for every job I have applied for, it must be that I am overqualified or asking too much money. I suspect the latter. requires that you put down the hourly rate you are seeking in your profile. That rate or amount then gets put into all the applications you submit unless an employer asks otherwise. In my case, I wrote down what I started at with Infocus five years ago. I think that’s where most job applications end.

Even when an employer says they pay $20 to $30 an hour (internal link), they are probably rejecting everyone who asks for, let’s use a number, $15.00 an hour or more. That would explain why and how an employer can reject applications without ever looking at them. Backing that up, my writing website traffic is near zero except for the unusual but consistent bot hits from China.

I’ve been rejected for 17 jobs. I’ve received only two notices which said I was not selected, and only three notices that an employer had viewed my application. I asked customer support how I can be rejected when an employer never views my application. The answer was astounding.

Customer support says a viewed application notice gets sent only if an employer clicks  a button on their dashboard. It’s not required by Indeed. You will never know whether an employer actually looked at your application unless you get that rare viewed application notice.

Do People Really Get Jobs Through Indeed?

The employer makes the rules for applicants and decides how to treat them. Indeed requires little from the employer since the employer pays Indeed. As I have written before, Indeed leaves their site open to scam artists and to employers that pay as little as one cent a word. The applicant isn’t top of mind. Indeed does have excellent customer support for applicants but all of their answers dead end with the employer deciding the rules.

In The Old Days, you’d send off dozens of resumes in the mail, never to hear back. Oh, you’d get a form letter rejection now and then but never a statistically significant amount.  Back then, I kind of understood. To send rejection notices, an employer had to pay a secretary to stuff envelopes, label them up, and then pay postage.

Today, all an employer has to do is click that button. Yet, they don’t.

Why is Indeed So Bad?

I became so frustrated with Indeed that I went outside their system. I was rejected for a job through Indeed that matched the exact skill set I have. This was another content creator for law firms, just like the company I work for now.  I  looked at that employers’ website, found a client of theirs, and then rewrote the copy on a page the employer had created for the client. The page had typos and weird syntax and wordiness that went on forever. Not law office grade. I emailed my corrections and suggestions to the person who supposedly runs this content creation website.

The owner responded quickly but he was mainly interested in how I found this client. He said his hiring team would contact me if they thought I was a good fit for their clients and of course they never did. I did see web traffic to my site immediately after contacting him so I know some people visited.

This is probably the best approach: use to see who is hiring and then hunt down the email of someone who owns or operates the company. Bypass the hiring team which is most likely two or three employees tasked with evaluating resumes. If you are good, really good, these people will probably be scared that you would eventually compete for their jobs. If they are an outside hiring agency you will stand a much better chance. They would be independent and not concerned with you as a competitor.

How do I get Hired Through Indeed?

I’m debating whether a writing website hurts or helps a writer. Everyone says to build one but if you are talented and creative you will show yourself as something far beyond a beginning writer. An employer found through no doubt wants a simpleton who’ll take the lowest wage. Which gets back to what I wrote at the beginning, you are probably doomed from the start by setting a reasonable wage demand.

You’ll never get someone to review your application if they don’t want to pay a decent rate, even if they say they’ll pay twenty to thirty dollars an hour. Then again, you don’t want to work for a company like that. Keep looking at if desperation forces you. Or isolate hiring companies through them and then contact those companies directly.  Better yet, use a different job board. Again, is a total fail.

My writing website is here: (external link)

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Insane Expectations and Lies

Insane Expectations and Lies

Express Writers’ current job post at expresses the complete and unrealistic expectations of every content mill, as well as the lie about pay. $20 to $30 an hour? Not a chance.

Express points to this page as a great writing example:

That guide is well done, however, it is also 3,222 words and involved researching 29 separate web pages. This would be exhausting work under deadline, with the quickest writer finishing a well polished guide like that in no less than 13 hours. That’s at 500 words every two hours.

Mind you, it’s not so much the writing but the reading and research one must do before any writing comes together. You need to understand something before you can write about it. You also need to figure out the right SEO tweaks. All of that takes time. Still, the example article represents an assignment with a potential of $390 based on $30 an hour.

Express later shifts gears in their job description, however, moving from their initial salary listing of $20 to $30 an hour to $20 to $25 for each 500 words. “This is not a salary position.” At $25 for each 500 words, that pay rate drops to $162.50. You’re working for $12.50 an hour if you’re the quickest writer out there. And if Express doesn’t kick back the piece to you for revising. Which will be on your dime.

Realistically, I’d expect a writer to take at least two days or 16 hours to complete the example given. You’re now at $10.00 an hour. Quite a distance from $30.00. And totally consistent with the false expectations and the lie about pay from every content mill.

Of course, the content mills know exactly how long quality writing takes, they just don’t want to pay for it. You can expect $25 or so from these employers for a 500 to 750 word article. That’s it. That’s common. If they’re paying less, they should advertise on a Philippine job board and you should not participate in their low rent hustle. No professional American writer deserves Philippine wages. And to think, you need years of writing experience to get hired at Express. Get lost.

I come to this post with a hard background. As a writer, I produced many 750 word articles for at a flat rate of $25 to $30. As an editor, I see our writers taking from two hours, exceedingly rare, to seven hours, also exceedingly rare, to complete a 650 to 1,000 word assignment.

If you want to dispute what I’ve written, tell me about your experience both as a writer and an editor. If you don’t have that experience, don’t tell me about how long it takes to complete online writing. You can stay in that alternate world the content mills occupy, with their insane expectations and lies.

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Have You Heard About Twitch?

Have you heard about Twitch? It’s a website for musicians to perform their art through live streaming. You can watch for free or donate if you can. I find it fascinating.

Every kind of musician is on Twitch as well as singers and vocalists. I like this particular pianist because she comes on at Midnight when I am working. This was a totally unexpected and touching reaction to my donation. I didn’t ask her to do anything and she doesn’t know who I am. I merely said in my note that my cat and I enjoyed her music.

This video is shaky because Twitch blacks out any attempt at screen recording, you have to record your display with an external camera. You can watch past hours of PianistkaKatrine at this link: (external link)


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